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Intermittent Fasting day 40

This has been a very interesting experiment. I have been fasting for at least 16 to 18 hours every day, then eating for the remaining hours. Knowing when I can and can’t eat has given me lots of discipline. I have not been willing to eat outside of my eating window. This alone is a big development.

My eating window varies slightly from day to day. I try and start eating after 12 noon and end eating as close to 7pm as possible. Sometimes I start eating later, sometimes I end eating later. I have also tried a 24 hour fast and a 23 hour fast. These proved to be very stressful for me. Other people seem to have an easier time doing these longer fasts. It might be easier in the future, but maybe not.

I am weighing and measuring all of my food. I was eating a lot more calories than I realized. My daily goal is 1,580 calories. I usually eat less than that. Counting calories is not fun, but eating food that fits into my daily calories rather than a food group is very liberating.

I ordered Miracle Noodles which I love. A package is only about 15 calories and really cuts down on a pasta dish. They are more like glass noodles than regular pasta. I like to rinse them and then pan fry them until the liquid they ship with has dried. I have used them for stir fry instead of rice and with marinara, chicken and a small bit of goat cheese.

I didn’t weigh myself before I started. I think I waited 2 weeks. I weighed much less than I thought I did. I have gone down at least 4 pounds and 1 pant size.

I have also been walking at least 45 minutes 3 times a week. I got a new phone that counts steps and this has been very motivating.



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