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Ketogenic Diet Day 12

I’m getting discouraged by the hunger and my ability to sustain these macros in the long run. I was please to see that I lost 3 pounds in the past week. Some of that is due to my time of the month ending. My weight as of this morning is 209 lbs with a body fat reading of 45.3% and a fat mass reading of 94.5 lbs.

This means I have lost 3 pounds since starting these ketogenic macros. I’m still waiting for the fullness promise of the ketogenic diet to kick in.

My numbers were higher yesterday due to my hunger.

Friday, Feb 22 2013

5 tsp Oil, coconut 194
4 oz Cheese, cream 387.8
1 serving alfredo cream sauce 464.4
1 1 pkg shirataki noodles 40
4 oz Beef, tenderloin, steak, separable lean only, trimmed to 1/8″ fat, select, raw 167.8
2 cup shredded Lettuce, red leaf, raw 9
2 tsp Vinegar, red wine 1.9
2 tbsp Oil, avocado 247.5
5.3 1 oz ribeye steak 408.1
1 serving blue cheese sauce 138.8
1 oz macademia nuts raw 203.5
70 fl oz Water, tap, drinking 0

Energy: 2263 calories

Source Calories Quantity
Protein 13% 71g
Fat 84% 211g
Carbs 3% 19g

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