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Ketogenic Diet Day 11

My calories were a little high, but the other numbers looked good. My water intake was much lower and may have contributed to my being hungry a lot of the day. I find myself relying on dairy and shirataki noodles.

Thursday, Feb 21 2013

3 tsp Oil, coconut 116.4
5 oz Cheese, cream 484.8
1 serving alfredo cream sauce 464.4
3 oz Pork, fresh, loin, tenderloin, separable lean and fat, cooked, roasted 125
0.5 serving Paleo Fudge with walnuts and pecans 2 67
2 cup shredded Lettuce, red leaf, raw 9
0.5 fruit, without skin and seed Avocados, raw, California 113.6
2 large Egg, whole, raw, fresh 143
1 tbsp Hellmann’s mayonnaise 90
2 tsp Oil, avocado 79.6
2 tsp Vinegar, red wine 1.9
48 fl oz Water, tap, drinking 0
1 1 pkg shirataki noodles 40

Energy: 1735 calories

Source Calories Quantity
Protein 12% 53g
Fat 83% 160g
Carbs 5% 23g

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