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Ketogenic Diet Day 7

Here is day 7:

1 serving coconut flour pancakes 469.7
1 tsp Syrups, maple 17.1
2 tbsp Syrups, maple 104
1 oz Cheese, cream 97
2 1 cup chicken stock 172
0.25 cup diced Mushrooms, portabella, raw 4.7
84 fl oz Water, tap, drinking 0
1.5 serving meetza 537.5
2 cup shredded Lettuce, red leaf, raw 9
1 tsp Vinegar, red wine 1
1 tbsp Oil, avocado 123.8
2.1 oz Cheese, brie 198.8

Energy: 1734 calories

Source Calories Quantity
Protein 19% 72g
Fat 64% 108g
Carbs 17% 66g

Macros off again. I’m going to throw away the rest of the coconut flour pancake batter away. I’m also going to try and add less marinara to the meatza for better macros.


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