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Day 91 Primal/Leptin Reset Day 11

This has been a long three months. Staying on track has taken a lot of focus. I’m very proud of my progress and that I am sticking to the plan. My numbers as of this morning are 221.3 pounds total and 45.3% body fat with 100.5 pounds. I have decreased one pant size going from a loose 20W to a loose 18W. I was hoping to decrease by another pant size on the 90 day mark, but it did not happen.

Since doing the leptin reset Dr. Kruse style, I have not been doing any sprints or aerobic exercises. I feel that healing my body is much more important than loosing body mass. I hope to loose the body mass after I heal my body and my hormones. I think the leptin reset is an important part of this healing.

The leptin reset is going well. I have been averaging about 25 grams of mostly vegetable carbs each day. I did have some chocolate chips (9 grams worth) today for the first time since being on the protocol. My sleep is slowly improving. I have not noticed any surge in energy. Besides today’s chocolate chips, my cravings have been almost non-existent. I have also not wanted to snack in between meals. Having the protocol insist on no snacking has really helped my willpower to say no.

I had about an ounce of cheese and a cup of whole milk with dinner last night. My legs were really hurting my last night. I think dairy is a no go for me.

I hope to have continued success on this way of eating.


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