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Primal Day 85/Leptin Reset Day 5

I listened to an amazing interview on the Paleo Summit with Dr. Jack Kruse. The interview isn’t available anymore, but you can listen to Dr. Kruse on his website here. He really made me change my mind about the way I was doing paleo/primal. I am on day five of a six to eight week adjustment in my eating.

I just checked in at the Paleo Summit and it looks like all of the presentations are available for the rest of the day. You can find them here.

You can read all about the leptin reset diet here. I feel it is a refinement of the paleo/primal plans. It’s core is a big protein breakfast. This should be about 50 grams of protein. This should be used as a starting point. It you aren’t hungry for dinner, eat less protein for breakfast. If you are still hungry all day and have cravings, eat more protein for breakfast.

The big protein breakfast is sometimes hard to eat because it’s so much food, it has tamed my hunger and cravings. I’m averaging between 50 and 60 grams of protein for breakfast.

There is also no snacking on this plan and there should be at least 4 to 5 hours between meals. This also applies to the time between dinner and bedtime. This is making me very careful about what and when I choose to eat.

Because I have so much weight to lose, I thought I would give this a try. I weighed 223 pounds and 45.3% body fat this morning. I am definitely going in the right direction.


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