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Day 105 Primal/Leptin Reset Day 25

My numbers were good last week: 218.6 pounds, 44,8% bf and 98lb. In fact they got me so encouraged, I tried on some of my last year’s summer clothes. Turns out I’m only slightly thinner than I was last summer. I know it’s only March, but this really brought me down. I hadn’t realized how […]

Day 91 Primal/Leptin Reset Day 11

This has been a long three months. Staying on track has taken a lot of focus. I’m very proud of my progress and that I am sticking to the plan. My numbers as of this morning are 221.3 pounds total and 45.3% body fat with 100.5 pounds. I have decreased one pant size going from […]

Primal Day 85/Leptin Reset Day 5

I listened to an amazing interview on the Paleo Summit with Dr. Jack Kruse. The interview isn’t available anymore, but you can listen to Dr. Kruse on his website here. He really made me change my mind about the way I was doing paleo/primal. I am on day five of a six to eight week […]