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Day 71 Primal

I had a weigh in this morning of 223.9 with 44.8% body fat. I have been trying to stay away from the scale, but I need the info for some insurance papers. I really like seeing that I am making progress. It’s not lightening fast, but it is definitely heading in the right direction. I tried on a pair of 18 (not 18W) work pants. I can zip them (which is progress) but they are still tight to wear. I’m very hopeful.

I am continuing to have green smoothies for breakfast. Sometimes I have eggs for breakfast and then a green smoothie for lunch. These are definitely helping me control my hunger and my cravings. I had a craving for chocolate chips yesterday. I know chocolate isn’t bad for me, but I really don’t love chocolate chips so I questioned the craving. I didn’t figure out why I was having the craving. My lunch might have been too light on the protein. Instead of eating the chocolate, I made myself a smoothie that included a scoop of chocolate protein powder. This really hit the spot for both protein and chocolate. I also moved the chocolate chips out of site so they won’t trigger more cravings.

I have been thinking a lot about trying my hand at making beef jerkey. This would be a good snack for road trips and seminars. I saw this recipe and am intrigued.


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