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Day 57 Primal

The other reason the scale has been calling me is that I wanted to check my body fat percentage. I have one of those Omron handheld models. I realize it’s not the most precise things, but it will show me trends. Hopefully those will be downward trends.

So, this morning my weight is 226.5 with a body fat percentage of 45.2. This is not my starting point, but this is where I am just shy of two months.

I feel body fat percentage and how my clothes are fitting are so much more important than the scale. I read so many posts where people are discouraged by the scale even though their clothes are telling them something else. Two people can be the same height, weigh the same and look totally different. I think body fat percentage is the determining factor.

My goal is dramatically reduce my body fat percentage. I need to plug in how much I weigh in order to figure that out. It’s just another variable like my height.


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