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Day 79 Primal

Listened to a great interview with Dr. Jack Kruse as part of the It’s a free event and worth browsing the interviews. Nothing new and exciting. I’m working a lot and not exercising nearly enough. After listening to Dr. Kruse, I think I need to increase my protein intake for breakfast. Advertisements

Day 71 Primal

I had a weigh in this morning of 223.9 with 44.8% body fat. I have been trying to stay away from the scale, but I need the info for some insurance papers. I really like seeing that I am making progress. It’s not lightening fast, but it is definitely heading in the right direction. I […]

Day 61 Primal

I had mixed results on my 60 day weigh in this morning. I am down on the scale but up in body fat percentage. I’m not really sure what this means. My weight is 224.5 pounds and my body fat percentage is 45.8%. My next immediate goal is to go down a pants size. That […]

Day 57 Primal

The other reason the scale has been calling me is that I wanted to check my body fat percentage. I have one of those Omron handheld models. I realize it’s not the most precise things, but it will show me trends. Hopefully those will be downward trends. So, this morning my weight is 226.5 with […]

Day 56 Primal

Since I have a scale in my house, I seem to be drawn to it. This is after a few years without one. I’m trying to wait until day 61 so I can have an official two month weight. I also don’t want to get caught back in the ups and downs of meaningless numbers […]

Day 54 Primal

Saturday night went really well. The crustless pizza came in three sizes and I picked the largest so I could eat as much as I wanted. Two pieces plus two helpings of salad worked like a charm. We ended up not going to the movie theater. There was no popcorn incident. I did end up […]