Day 47 Primal

I tried to skimp on protein for lunch. Not a good idea. I had some brie with a half a pear. Not nearly enough to last me til dinner. I ended up putting cream in my tea to tide me over. Not a good day for limiting dairy either.

I sauteed some onion in butter, then added ground beef and some spices. This made for a very tasty dinner. It felt good to get some protein. I’m going to have to do better for lunch.

I have a full day of offsite training tomorrow. I’m going to load up on my smoothie in the morning. I hope lunch won’t be too terrible. I’m not good at IF (intermittent fasting) I have tried it a couple of times and have gotten dizzy. Well, dizzier than usual.

I wore my new pants yesterday in a smaller size. Hello 18. I hope they will be too big very soon.

I think I’m going to round out my day with the Tap of the Evening with Brad Yates. That should settle me down for the night.


2 comments on “Day 47 Primal

  1. I love ground beef with onion and spices! I have been cooking up a lb or so at a time and keeping it in the fridge…that way when I dont feel like cooking and/or am being lazy, I could alsways just pop ot in the micro for a quick meal.

  2. That’s a great idea. I don’t really have any go to snack foods. I usually have to make something fresh. I will try that this weekend.

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