Day 45 Primal

I didn’t do the morning weigh in. I’m still feeling very excited about the 228.7. Weird right? It really feels like I will be successful this time. My hope is that I have fought/conquered enough of my demons to make this happen and finally release this extra weight.

I added coconut milk (mostly the solids) to my smoothie this morning. That really filled me up. I hate being hungry and worrying about food at work. Alright, I hate being hungry and worrying about food anywhere. I also had a tablespoon of almond butter left from the other day. I mixed it with salt, stevia and a little coconut milk. Yum! I will have to make more almond butter.

After I ran out of mayonaise, I tried making canned tuna with olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano, balsamic vinegar and grape tomatoes. At least the cat liked it. I need to try making homemade paleo mayonaise. The cooked one is probably where I will start experimenting.

Oven roasted chicken with yams, onions and brussel sprouts for dinner. That is if I can stay up that late. I didn’t sleep well last night and had tons of work to do today.

No exercise today.  Maybe tomorrow.


4 comments on “Day 45 Primal

  1. I like tuna with lots of lemon, salt and pepper plus some olive oil. Also if you do dairy, cottage cheese with salt and pepper and raw onion is amazing! Sounds weird but it is really good. I also mixed tuna with guacamole once that wasn’t too bad.

    I personally hate traditional mayo, but I make a mean paleo garlic/basil mayo that is real good.

    • That sounds good. I have been limiting my dairy and my constant congestion has been going away. Do you have a recipe for the paleo garlic/basil mayo or is it on your blog? Sounds really good.

  2. It’s not on my blog…I pretty much take an egg yolk, add a crushed garlic clove and than slowly stream in basil olive oil(I just put fresh basil and olive oil in the vitamix and blend) I also added a splash of water at the end to make it creamy. You could do it in a blender too but I feel more accomplished whisking it by hand

  3. Thank you. That sounds really good. How long does it keep and how much does that make?

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