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Day 44 Primal

I had my first weigh in today. It was better than I thought it would be. I haven’t been on the scale in about two years. At that time I was 229 pounds, and I have gained weight since then. Today I weighed in at 228.7 pounds. I think I’ve lost at least ten to fifteen pounds in the last 44 days. I might do a morning weigh in before eating tomorrow. Maybe not.

I did a lot of eft via YouTube and Brad Yates before I got on the scale. Weight is such a mind thing.

My clothes are fitting better. This is even more important to me than the scale.

I have three immediate goals:

  1. Weigh in at 209. That is the previous weight before 229.
  2. Lose another pant size. This would be a 16 in the US.
  3. Exercise more.

I’m glad I started tracking my eating on Paleotrack.com. I have been eating too many carbs and I have made some adjustments. Mainly decreasing the amount of fruit I am consuming. My goal is to get my daily carb intake closer to 50 than 100.

I made some homemade larabars the other day. They are very good but much too high in carbs. I’m going to adjust the recipe and see if I can bring the carb count down without sacrificing too much of the taste. You can find the recipe here. Be warned, they are very good and hard to resist. These look really good too.


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