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Day 42 Primal

Things have been going well. I have mostly been concentrating on my eating. I have removed most of the hidden sugars and continue to refine what I eat. I also need to rev up my exercise. However, I have already lost a pant size. This is very good news.

I’m using Primal Fuel as a meal replacement. I add it to my green smoothies for a nutritious and tasty breakfast. A typical smoothie will also include 4 raw eggs, some sort of greens (I have been switching between chard, kale and spinach), a small amount of fruit (half a banana or 1/4 cup blueberries), water, almond milk, vanilla extract, stevia, ice and some unsweetened cocoa. This smoothie has been an especially great addition to my workdays. It really holds off my hunger for 3 or 4 hours. I also find that the chocolate flavor makes it much easier for me to resist the never ending array of treats that people bring to the office to share.

My lunches are usually soup with meat and vegetables or just meat with a salad. Dinners are meat, vegetables and maybe a small salad. I’m trying to keep my carbs between 50g and 100g.

I have been trying new recipes and ways of cooking things. I just started making my own salad dressing. I think I will continue to make small changes.

I really need to exercise more. I have been doing the track and field game once a week on the xbox. This is like sprints for beginners. I need to reread the Primal Blueprint for more instructions on exercise.

I am really hopeful that this is going to work out well.


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