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New strategy for the new year

I have been continuing to work on my emotional obesity issues. I have cleared my heart wall (using the emotion code) and started reprogramming my limiting beliefs with the help of professionals. I am now feeling better able to make substantial changes in my life. I also continue to use eft through Brad Yates and Margaret Lynch on youtube.

I started following the Primal Blueprint (I recommend the paperback edition because it has been updated) and it’s forum (Mark’s Daily Apple) this past December. I have been working this month to eliminate all sugar and grains from my diet. I am making good progress while at home and eating out. Eating at other people’s homes continues to be challenging. This is especially true during the extended holiday season.

I started using Paleo Tracker (this is a free food tracker) this past week to keep track of everything I am eating. This is a good way for me to check how much protein and carbs I am eating. I’m going to focus getting my carbs lower this week. The Primal Blueprint says that the sweet spot for weight loss is between 50g and 100g of carbs (vegetables and fruit) per day. I was hovering around 100g+ because of too many yams and bananas.

I am still eating green smoothies that are heavy on the protein. I’m using Primal Fuel for protein powder I am also adding in four raw eggs, half a banana or a cup of frozen blueberries, five ounces of almond milk, some cocoa, vanilla, stevia and ice. This week I’m adding spinach, last week I added swiss chard. I’m going to try and alternate the greens.

I’m also going to start focusing on adding more exercise to my daily routine. I bought an Xbox 360 at the end of November. I have been using these physical games to increase my exercise. I also need to work more.

I do think sugar and wheat have always been issues for me. I haven’t been on on the scale, but my clothes do feel a little looser. I also feel less pain in my joints. The pain comes back when I eat sugar. I did really well on Atkins about eight years ago. I hope I will have success eating primal.


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