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Day 49 Primal

So far today I have eaten primal with very little carbs. I’m going out with some friends tonight and am a bit worried about the food choices. Dinner at their house and then out to a movie. They are ordering pizza. The place they like does make a crustless pizza which is nice but a […]

Day 48 Primal

The all day training meeting went well. I made a smoothie with fresh mint. Mmmmmmm. So good it will be repeated tomorrow. I had half the smoothie at home before I left and half at the training around 10:30am or 11:00am. I had some extra time this morning, so I fried up some ground beef, […]

Day 47 Primal

I tried to skimp on protein for lunch. Not a good idea. I had some brie with a half a pear. Not nearly enough to last me til dinner. I ended up putting cream in my tea to tide me over. Not a good day for limiting dairy either. I sauteed some onion in butter, […]

Day 45 Primal

I didn’t do the morning weigh in. I’m still feeling very excited about the 228.7. Weird right? It really feels like I will be successful this time. My hope is that I have fought/conquered enough of my demons to make this happen and finally release this extra weight. I added coconut milk (mostly the solids) […]

Day 44 Primal

I had my first weigh in today. It was better than I thought it would be. I haven’t been on the scale in about two years. At that time I was 229 pounds, and I have gained weight since then. Today I weighed in at 228.7 pounds. I think I’ve lost at least ten to […]

Day 42 Primal

Things have been going well. I have mostly been concentrating on my eating. I have removed most of the hidden sugars and continue to refine what I eat. I also need to rev up my exercise. However, I have already lost a pant size. This is very good news. I’m using Primal Fuel as a meal […]

New strategy for the new year

I have been continuing to work on my emotional obesity issues. I have cleared my heart wall (using the emotion code) and started reprogramming my limiting beliefs with the help of professionals. I am now feeling better able to make substantial changes in my life. I also continue to use eft through Brad Yates and […]