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A break from posting

As you might have noticed, I have taken a huge break from posting. I was still trying to conquer my emotional obesity issues over the past year. It feels like I am starting to make some progress.

I have been doing some healing involving the emotion code. I have cleared my heart wall but still have some core limiting beliefs.

I have also been doing some distance healing with Melanie Robinson. She has been doing some powerful healings on me and I highly recommend her.

I also signed up for Jon Gabriel’s Step-by-Step class. It started last week. I’m not sure if they are taking any more registrations. It’s a six week course that is going through the Gabriel Method slowly and in more detail. Jon is also providing some extra visualizations. I find the class very motivating.

I’m not sure if it is just one of the things I have been doing, or the combination of things. For the past two days, I’m barely hungry. I’m so full after a glass of water in the morning that I don’t want breakfast. This is a new development and very intriguing. It does seem that I have finally succeeded in turning off some of my fat switches.

I know in my heart that my need to keep this extra weight through emotional obesity has been what is keeping me fat. I hope that this is indeed the breakthrough I have been working toward.


One comment on “A break from posting

  1. you are doing really well! Love and Light to youxxoo

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