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Five month review

I have not lost any weight and continue to struggle with my emotional reasons for being fat. My cravings for almost all foods have vanished. There are no more good days and bad days, good foods and bad foods. I feel much more at peace with myself and my food choices. I continue to add ground flaxseeds, fish oil, apple cider vinegar, raw honey and fresh/live fruits and vegetables to my daily intake of food. I also take a good multivitamin.

I have restarted adding green smoothies as of today. I had half for breakfast and am drinking the other half as an afternoon snack. I already feel better. I continue to do eft/meridian tapping on numerous issues. I do feel that I am making progress but it is slow going by myself. I really feel that resolving these issues will result in weight loss. I’m also having trouble accepting myself as I am now. I think this is a big stumbling block that I’m working on every day.

People have commented that they don’t understand why I continue on with the Gabriel Method when I haven’t lost any weight. I really feel that this is the only way. I don’t think I would lose weight on any diet (and this is not a diet) because of the emotional issues I still need to resolve.


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