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Four month review

Today is my four month anniversary on the Gabriel Method. I didn’t go for a bike ride today, but I went to Costco to get more fruit. It’s very interesting how much my shopping cart has changed since I have changed to eating in accordance with the Gabriel Method. The main stay of my eating has changed to fresh fruits and vegetables from lots of red meat. I’m eating less and less meat as I increase my intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s not that I can’t have it but that I crave it much less. Over the past few months, I have been eating lots of fresh fruit. It seemed like I couldn’t get enough. That feeling seems to have subsided. The nectarines that I had been craving began to taste too sweet. I think this happened once I proved to my body that I would not withhold fruit from it anymore. I think this is a very good sign.

I still don’t have any weight loss. I haven’t been on the scale, but my pants are still tight. Overall, I feel healthier and am really glad I don’t have cravings for chocolate anymore. I also feel good about not limiting myself to a particular food group. There has been a huge feeling of guilt that has been lifted. This is very freeing.

I still think that feeling safe to be thin is a huge issue for me. I just need to keep chipping away at it with eft/meridian tapping.


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