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September 2, 2009

I took  great bike ride today for a total of 57 minutes. The weather was perfect. I worked in interval training on my ride. This is very easy to do as I was biking on the street with cars. I just imagined them trying to catch up to me and run me down. Not a pleasant visualization, but I hope it is effective.

I have been working on doing more eft/meridian tapping centering on self acceptance. I think I have a lot of layers to work through. I will continue trying to break through as many layers as I can.

Breakfast included an apple with organic peanut butter and wheatgrass juice. I had high protein cereal with butter, cream, honey, blueberries and ground flaxseeds for lunch. Early dinner included low carb spaghetti (I had it in the house) with marinara, mushrooms, spinach and fresh cilantro. I also made a green smoothie (which I’m drinking now) with kale, blueberries, cream, ground flaxseeds, a banana, fish oil (lemon flavored), organic apple cider vinegar and stevia. I had a class tonight and I took the smoothie with me in case I got hungry. I ended up eating it at home after class. I wasn’t terribly hungry, but I wanted to get in those nutrients.

I really like that I’m adding foods and nutrients in and that nothing is off limits. I really had a taste for the spaghetti. It was just okay. I might save eating pasta for when I’m at a restaurant. If I’m eating pasta, I want it to be really good and worth it.


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