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August 18, 2009

I have been doing a lot of eft/meridian tapping these past few days. I really feel like I need a breakthrough to achieve my weight loss goals. The fact remains that I don’t feel safe at a lower weight. I also don’t accept myself as I am. It’s quite the dilemma. I have tapped on feeling safe at any weight. I have also tapped on acceptance of myself just as I am. I’m still searching for an answer.

I stumbled upon an interesting interview with Dr. Bradley Nelson. He’s the author of “The Emotion Code.” This is another form of energy work and very intriguing. I ordered the book from Amazon. More to come after I read it.

I had a great morning. I actually got up early and went for a 55 minute bike ride. It felt great to get my exercise in early and out of the way.


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