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August 4, 2009

I’m vibrating at a very low vibration today. My clothes are tight and I very depressed about my progress. I feel like I’m doing all the right things but have been unsuccessful with my getting rid of my limiting beliefs.

I just watched a great video on youtube. It’s about using eft for self worth and sabotage. I hope you find it helpful. You can find it here. I also read a great article by Carol Look about losing weight while clearing abundance issues. It’s very interesting. You can find it here.

I did a couple of rounds of tapping with Carol Look’s How to Lose Weight with EFT audio cds. (It’s near the bottom of the page). I had something come up with deprivation. I tapped on Even though I can’t lose weight without being deprived… This really resonated with me. I’m also going to tap on “Even though I can’t lose weight without it being a struggle…

I did manage to talk myself into a bike ride today. I went for an hour and 16 minutes. I also incorporated interval training and an errand. I went to the pet store to get my cats some new food. I’m hoping the new food will help my girl cat with her nausea. It’s organic cat food without a lot of grain fillers. I’ll let you know if this is successful. I have already spent hundreds of dollars at the vet trying to determine why she isn’t feeling well with no success.

The bike ride felt good. I need to keep remembering that feeling. So far today I have eaten half of pitcher of green smoothie. This one has swiss chard, water, 2 bananas, red grapes, blueberries, cream, yoghurt, stevia, protein powder and ground flaxseeds. I’ve had almost 128 oz of water and a bowl of cottage cheese with fresh green onions. I haven’t been that hungry today. That’s a good thing.

I made those brownies I mentioned in a previous post yesterday for my final creative writing class. It was a box mix and really good. I will say that although I still really like them, I don’t like them as much as I used to. That is definitely progress. I even passed on cheese coffeecake at class because I had too much sugar. I brought a green smoothie to class but should have also brought water. I ended up eating a piece of pizza just to get the sugar taste out of my mouth.


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