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July 29, 2009

Another beautiful day. I’m going to go bike riding with my friend in a couple of hours. I had a green smoothie this morning and a salad with leftover lamb for lunch. Dinner will be chicken alfredo. I’ve been having a taste for it. My husband is going to grill some chicken, broccoli and beats. I’m going to combine those with a nice alfredo sauce. It should be very good.

I’m waiting to hear the pre-launch party for the new eft book “EFT and Beyond”. It looks like it will be a very interesting book. I will write about the web event tomorrow. The event is Thursday, July 30 at 3pm Eastern. If you are interested, here is the web address: http://www.eftandbeyondbook.com/073009teleclassTY.html. I also need to write about Jon Gabriel’s second show.

Okay, Jon Gabriel’s second show was much better than the first one. The co-host really backed off for the second show. That was much better. She kept interrupting him on the first show and that was really annoying. He talked with people and gave them some interesting answers. He didn’t get to as many calls as he wanted to, but he spent some time with the people he did have on the show. It was nice that he wasn’t rushing them off and really seemed like he wanted to help them. It is definitely worth a listen. You can hear both shows here.

I went for a great bike ride with my friend this afternoon. I put those baskets on my bike to good use. My total riding time was one hour and eighteen minutes. We ran a bunch of errands. Great exercise and I got things done. I also visualized getting chased down by cars that were either behind me or passing me. I hope it worked.


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