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July 26, 2009

I woke up early yesterday morning but had a hard time getting moving. I had my high fiber cereal with cream, honey, ground flaxseeds, strawberries and blueberries. My husband and I rode our bikes to the farmers market. We bought a bunch of organic vegetables including salad greens, swiss chard, green onions carrots, broccoli, corn and beets. The backpack we brought wasn’t nearly big enough for all of this. I ended up putting a bag full of fresh goodies on either side of my handle bars. When we got back, I jumped in the shower and started getting ready. We got back later than I had planned. I never got to make my planned green smoothie. I ran out of time. I did cut up an apple and eat it in the car. That constituted lunch and I was hungry. What do they say about the best laid plans?

The wedding was beautiful. The actual ceremony took place at a church right on the water. The view was stunning. The church was beautiful. It had soaring arches, beautiful stained glass and amazing paintings. There was a long drive from the church to the reception. My husband and I had originally planned on hanging out at a restaurant or bar and grabbing a late lunch. Traffic was horrendous and the late lunch never happened. We ended up being fifteen minutes early and had a small snack at the bar downstairs from where the reception took place. We split a crab cake. It was very good. It came with some fresh greens on the side. I ate those as well trying to pack in some last minute nutrition before the reception.

The reception was lovely. There were beautiful floral decorations on each table. It was a long rectangular room with tables on either end and the head table and dance floor in the middle. My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful friends of the bride’s mother that were at our table. There was also a large room off of the dining room for drinks and appetizers. I had a white wine of which I finished about half. I’m a major light-weight drinker and I was feeling it today. The appetizers consisted of a long table with fruit, cheese, crackers and marinated vegetables and cheese.

I had some cheese and crackers. I didn’t have a taste for fruit and I’m not fond of marinated vegetables. My husband had a marinated mozzarella ball. He really liked it but when I went back to the buffet for one they were gone. The brought new ones a little later, but by that time I was full. I was previously on locarb so I haven’t had crackers in a long time. They were really good. I was trying to follow the don’t deny yourself anything, but add in live foods.

I think I did really well at dinner even though I didn’t arm myself with a green smoothie. Dinner consisted on four medium cheese raviolis in a cheese sauce. These were really good. A beautiful salad followed with a variety of greens and candied walnuts and assorted rolls. The salad was very good. I passed on the rolls. I just didn’t feel like having one. The main course was a beautiful filet, a piece of boneless skinless chicken, asparagus and a few small roasted potatoes. The two meats had different sauces. I really liked the filet, asparagus and the potatoes. I ate all of the vegetables, half of the filet and a little bit of the chicken. I was full. I don’t normally leave food on my plate, so this is a big deal.

I tasted the cake, didn’t like it (too sweet) and pushed it away. They had a sweet table. I had decided earlier that as this was a special occasion, I would eat whatever I wanted. I looked over the sweet table, but had no desire for anything. I was kind of disappointed. I really wanted something gooey and chocolate. Oh well.

I think I did pretty well, especially considering I didn’t have a green smoothie. Today, my husband and I did errands on our bikes. Our riding total was an hour and sixteen minutes not including stops. I bought some folding bike baskets to put on the back of my bike for shopping. These will come in handy for unexpected stops. It will also allow me to run more errands on my bike which is a good thing. The baskets add extra weight to the bike. They are going to take a few days to get used to.


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