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Wednesday, June 24

I’ve been struggling a lot these past few days. The weight gain has been really bringing me down. I haven’t been on the scale, but I can tell because my clothes are tight. My eating and water intake have been good. I’m really at a loss.

I have been doing a lot of eft these past few days. I have been working on feeling safe being thin. I think this has a lot to do with my previous failures at losing weight and maintaining the loss.

I have also been thinking about adding green smoothies to my diet for breakfast. I need to buy some kale or spinach to try and see if I like them. I don’t have a powerful blender but I don’t want to buy a $400 Blendtek unless I’m sure green smoothies are the way to go.

It’s been so hot here I don’t feel like moving let alone exercise. I hope the heat will pass.


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