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Very hot

I spent most of the day sweating. It was about 87° today. I resisted the air conditioning but I’m not sure why. My eating was good. I had the usual cereal with fruit in the morning. I managed to fit in two salads today instead of just one. I also had some leftover steak, an apple with almond butter, 1/3 pork chop and 1 slice of grilled fresh pineapple.

I need to pay more attention to when my body tells me it’s hungry. I’m finding that I am waiting too long and then eat too much. Then I feel too full and bloated. This is something I will be working on tomorrow.

I don’t think I have mentioned that I have been drinking frozen wheatgrass in the mornings. I find that my allergies are less and I have more energy since I started drinking it a couple of weeks ago.

I did a lot of eft/meridian tapping today. It felt good. I was addressing feeling safe at a lower weight and not being good enough/worthy. I came to a couple of really good insights about myself. I need to spend more time tapping.


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