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June 30, 2009

I woke up early and had some cereal with blueberries, cream, a little butter, honey and flaxseeds. I also had some wheatgrass juice. After struggling with whether or not I would go for a bike ride, I called my friend to see what she was doing. She agreed to go for a ride with me. […]

Beautiful day

I woke up early and made another green smoothie. This one had more kale and spinach than the previous ones. I also figured out that adding the greens first with some water really helps the blender mix them. I also added a banana, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, cream, yoghurt, splenda, protein powder and flaxseeds. I […]

Green smoothies

I have added green smoothies as my breakfast for the past two mornings. I really like them. They taste like fruit rather than greens. Yesterday’s was kale, spinach, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, protein powder, flaxseed, honey and splenda. Today’s was kale, spinach, water, banana, protein powder, honey, flaxseed powder and splenda. I really like the […]

Wednesday, June 24

I’ve been struggling a lot these past few days. The weight gain has been really bringing me down. I haven’t been on the scale, but I can tell because my clothes are tight. My eating and water intake have been good. I’m really at a loss. I have been doing a lot of eft these […]

Very hot

I spent most of the day sweating. It was about 87° today. I resisted the air conditioning but I’m not sure why. My eating was good. I had the usual cereal with fruit in the morning. I managed to fit in two salads today instead of just one. I also had some leftover steak, an […]

Friday Digest

I did pretty well at the party last night. The protein smoothy helped out a lot. Maybe too much. I was able to pass on a lot of the food because I was too full. That was fine but then I got hungry later in the evening. Lesson learned. Today was pretty uneventful. Ate most […]

Another Thursday

I had my usual high fiber cereal with cream, flaxseeds, honey, strawberries and blueberries. Lunch was a medium salad with romaine, yellow peppers, some shredded cheese and a 1/2 pear. I put the salad dressing I described in a previous post on it. That was a couple of hours ago. I’m going to a party […]